Beijing by bike or side car

This energetic journey between two of Asia’s most evocative cities covers some spectacular territory. Starting off in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s northern capital, the route proceeds through peaceful countryside and minority villages. The adventure continues into Laos, still one of the region’s unspoiled gems.

Take your time and visit the most surprising nooks and crannies of the Mendoza Region, discovering the best wineries along the way. It’s a fantastic option if flexibility is what you need while in Argentina.


  • Tour the city of Mendoza their own way and according to their tastes.
  • Visit the wineries that they want to.
  • Spend a day of adventure in the Potrerillos Valley, choosing 2 of the 4 options available: rafting, zipline, trekking, or mountainbiking.
  • Visit San Rafael and its impressive sites: Valle Grande, Atuel Canyon, and several manmade lakes: El Nihuil, Los Reyunos, El Tigre, Agua de Toro, and La Vieja Villa 25 de Mayo.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is a blend of the modern, traditional, and natural, a perfect destination for promoting environmentally friendly tourism projects. The result is that it now offers visitors a wide variety of ecotourism options, such as the world renowned Hidden Route.

The route is a unique experience that mixes ecotourism and homestay, starting in the town of Guayllabamba, famous for delicious food. As tourists follow the route, they will come across other small towns and villages, whose friendly denizens greet them and share their traditions with them, pass through incredibly beautiful countryside, and enjoy exotic fruits along the way.

Not enough for you? Well, 120 km from Quito is the Mashpi-Guaycuyacu-Sahuangal protected natural area, which receives its name from the confluence of three rivers. This 318,000 hectare reserve protects many plants and animals, as well as six riverine communities.

However, you don’t have to leave the city of Quito to enjoy the nature of Ecuador. The capital has become a major bird-watching destination due to the number of microclimates in the city limits and the 542 species that can be found within them. If your passengers are short on time or are travelling for business but still interested in engaging in ecotourism while in the country, this could become a fantastic option for them.

Some other noteworthy pieces of information about Quito: it has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978, and last year it was a finalist among the World Wildlife Fund’s “Most Sustainable City” award.

Don’t wait any longer! Remind your passengers that Quito is full of surprising experiences that they won’t want to miss out.

A source for countless travel fantasies, the Silk Road is perhaps the most evocative of the trade routes that once criss-crossed Asia. In China, some of the most tangible Silk Road history can be discovered in Gansu Province. At the crossroads of eastern and western China, Mongolia and Sichuan province to the south, Gansu has played a central role in the development of China’s trade and is a historic meeting point for various cultures including, Han, Mongolians, Manchu and Tibetans. With towering mountains, serene lakes and emerald grasslands providing visual fuel, the province is an unsung hero for travellers. During this introduction to Gansu, guests will experience the best of the province. Natural highlights here include the Dania Coloured Mountains and Ayden National Park, a striking desert landscape. Culture lovers, meanwhile, will find sights such as the hanging temple at Matisse where a pagoda clings to the side of a sheer cliff face and the famous night market in Lanzhou where delicacies from around China can be enjoyed.