Sea Cloud

Dear windjammer friends and fans!

Once your passion for genuine wind-jammers has been kindled, you will be hooked on them forever. For many years now, our two elegant yachts have been sailing in some of the world’s most beautiful waters and they have still lost none of their fascination. The fact that so many of you share our enthusiasm and are once again embarking on a voyage with SEA CLOUD CRUISES is a great honour for our entire team. This year we can again present a varied programme featuring a number of highlights for loyal windjammer enthusiasts and also for all those who are interested in booking a cruise with  SEA CLOUD CRUISES for the first time. Welcome on board!


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Truly Authentic, truly Romantic

The sailing crew pulls with all their power on a hemp rope that disap-pears into the rigging twenty metres above their heads. The mighty sails flap in the fresh sea breeze, starting a tug-of-war with the team down below. Flawlessly polished brass shines in the sunlight. Then with one final strong tug on the main halyard, the yacht is ready to feel the full force of the wind – mission accomplished! It takes our crew almost one hour to hoist the sails by hand, and it is a fascinating spectacle each and every time. Once firmly enveloped in a romantic tall ship setting, you will understand just why our vessels are the most beautiful part of the adventure; after all, a voyage aboard a majestic tall ship is much more than just a cruise.



Sea Cloud, on Deck

Relaxation beneath the Sails

Prepare to embark on both an exciting sailing  cruise and a relaxed holiday: Our two tall ships  SEA CLOUD and SEA CLOUD II combine the best of both worlds.

Whilst our crew climbs high up into the masts to set the sails by hand, down on deck our service team treats guests to a first-class  service.

Our elegant, exclusive yachts are the  perfect place to experience the seamless combi-nation of ancient seafaring tradition and a luxury modern-day break.