BERNINA EXPRESSBernina Express, Switzerland

When travelling on public transport you really meet the locals. Public transport is always a mirror of the soul of the country.

In some places people are annoyed when the bus or train is a few minutes late. In others they start to complain after an hour or so. Then there are places where everyone is happy that the bus arrives at all…

The rail networks in Europe,  Japan and Korea are fast, efficient and get you just about everywhere. In Russia and India only the last attribute is valid. In North America and the rest of the world buses are the main means of transport with only a few iconic long distance trains.

Rail passes can be good value. Normal prices for rail tickets are often quite high. Only a few trips can cost more than the pass. However, many rail networks now offer advance purchase saver fares at very low prices. The drawbacks are that you have to book weeks ahead and that these tickets are only valid for a particular train. Miss that train and you have to buy a new ticket at the full price. With a pass you have complete flexibility.

Discuss your plans with us. We can obtain all bus, rail and ferry tickets as well as all rail passes for you.